First Look at Azure Backup Center

Azure Backup is a managed service that enables the customers to backup their critical workloads. As it’s a native manage service customers don’t need to provide any additional tools for backup the workloads. Learn more about Azure Backup from here.

Azure Backup Overview
Figure 1 – Microsoft Docs

What can Azure Backup service can backup?

  • On-premises
  • Azure VMs
  • Azure Files shares
  • SQL Server in Azure VMs
  • SAP HANA databases in Azure VMs
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers (preview)

Azure Backup Center

Most enterprises use multiple Azure Backup valets to manage different workload types. For example, to backup SQL Servers, it may use a separate Backup vault apart from the web app workload backup vault. There may be multiple Backup vaults in different subscriptions as well. So it’s tedious to manage those from individual portals. So Azure Backup Center comes to the rescue by providing a consolidated view of all the backups in your cloud environment.

Figure 2 – Infrakloud

Few features are available in Azure Backup Center

  • Single plain of glass for backup
  • Datasource-centric management
  • Consolidated user experience
  • Easy management of multiple backup vaults and jobs

Learn more on Azure Backup Center from here.

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