What’s New in Azure Kubernetes Service

Azure Kubernetes services has introduce new features to ease the management of the clusters from portal. following are few feature I noticed that added newly.

Kubernetes Resource Management from the Portal

If you navigate the AKS service (/Microsoft.ContainerService/managedClusters) we can find the section as Kubernetes Resources, in this section at the time writing this support for managing Namespaces, Workloads (Deployments, Pods, ReplicaSets, and DaemonSets) and Services & Ingress. Those are still in preview state and this helps administrators to easily navigate and troubleshoot the workloads and services.

Lets look in to each of this sections and see what we can do from them


In the Namespace section we have few options. We are able to create a Namespace by providing the YAML or JSON config files. Each namespace in the portal is linked so therefor when you click each Namespace you can see the YAML file for the namespace and events related to Namespace.

Namespace Yaml
Namespace Events

Under Deployment, we can see all the Deployments deployed to the cluster. Each deployment has a link to view more details on the deployment such as ReplicaSet details, pod details, events, and YAML configs.


As we can see above we can see detail about the deployment and we can do a few management tasks like deleting pods if they are failed.

Another interesting feature is we can use insight to view the pod metrics. Currently, it’s showing only the memory and CPU of the Pods as below.

Pod Insights
Services & Ingresses

Under the services and ingresses it shows all services created in the cluster. We can inspect each Service and see which pods are connected to the service. In ingress also the same we can see the ingress YAML annotations and events.


For more details check this blog announcement.