Top VS Code Extension to Improve Productivity.

No matter who you are a developer or and IT Professional, we need to have tools to optimize the day-to-day works with VS Code. When you install VS Code for the first time you feel like its just another text editor, but the true power of VS Code comes with the extension belong to it. Inside the VS Code marketplace we can find thousands of extensions for different languages and technologies. As a IT Pro following are my favorite extensions I used daily basis. I mostly work with Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, IaC therefore you can see lots of tools related those. So let’s jump in to my favorite list of extensions. Currently I used more than 40+ extensions but here I’m not going to show all :D.


Winter is Coming Theme

If you’ve a GOT fan you will definitely like this themes. But I’m not a fan of GOT but for some reason I like this theme and color combination.

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Prettier – Code formatter

Prettier, one of the best code formatter around VS Code. It provide rich and colorful code formatting for almost every language and tools.

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If your frequently working with repositories (git) then this extension is must have on your list. It has cool features used to identify easily who done the commits and etc.

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VS Code Icons

VS Code Icons provide the awesome look to your files. It shows the official icons for most of the extensions.

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Bracket Pair Colorizer

This extension is one of my favourite. I always struggled with the brackets in JSON ( when creating ARM Templates). Sometimes I’ll troubleshoot hours to find the brackets. With this extension it will colorise the brackets with open and close.

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Azure Tools

If you’re working with Azure daily basis then its good to have this extension. This will provide you easy commands and shortcuts to access azure resources.

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If you’re a PowerShell scripting person this tool will be handy. Because it provides PowerShell intellisense & easy access to code help.

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ARM Template Viewer

ARM template viewer help to visually identify the resources and connection with each resources. As an example if you create complex ARM template with multiple resources this tool will help to understand the deployment visually.

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Azure Resource Manager Tools

This tool also an essential if you’re working with ARM templates. From this tool it automatically identify the schema and functions related to the template.

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Are you a docker fan? then this tool will help you to manage multiple docker clusters or containers.

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With this tool it possible to manage multiple Kubernetes clusters and work with pods, deployment and other resource types.

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This extension is a must for working with Terraform. Because it provides the code snippets and validations of the code.

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