Speaking at Global Azure Bootcamp 2019

Last week I had the privilege to speak at Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 – Colombo edition. This was my first experience of presenting a session in Azure Bootcamp and I’m humble and exited to share knowledge with the community.

First I need to thank all organizers who work hard to conclude the event with positive feedback from the participants. When compare to Azure Bootcamp 2018 event, this year we had more participants. As a speaker I enjoyed the event and got to know new friends in other verticals and share our experience with each other.

I need to thank all the participants who attend to this wonderful event and make it successful.

In Azure Bootcamp 2019, I presented a session about use of Azure Security Center to secure organizations cloud and on-prem infrastructure to meet company IT compliance as well as industry compliance such as CSI, SOC, ISO 27001 etc.

Session title was Azure Security Center – Zero to Hero. At the presentation, I present how we can get start with Azure Security Center and configure initial configurations. Next I present recommended Azure provide based on compliance rules to configure current resources according the compliance mentioned. At the end I presented a demo how to identify different attacks from Azure Security Center incidents. In this I performed a brute force attack to servers inside using Kali Linux penetration tool hydra. Azure Security Center will identify those successful or unsuccessful brute force attacks and inform it to relevant security administrators.

Link to Slides – Azure Security Center – Zero to Hero

Following are few highlights of the event

We hope to see more participants and organize the event in a grand scale in 2020 Azure Bootcamp.

See you all next year !!!