Serial Console Access to Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set (VMSS)

Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS)

VMSS let customers to create and manage identical, load balanced VM to distribute the application traffic among them. VMSS has the capability of automatic scale up based on the demand and scale down when the demand decreases. This will allow customers to keep the applications high available. With using VMSS administrators can manage the fleet of VMs from one single place.

Create VMSS

To create VMSS we can use different methods. Its possible to create a VMSS from portal, CLI, PowerShell, and IaC.

Following are the guides to create a VMSS.

Enable Serial Console Access to VMSS

To enable the VMSS serial console access first we need to enable the diagnostic settings for the VMSS. It can be enable when the VMSS is creation time or after creation. We can add relevant parameters related to enable diagnostic settings when the VMSS creation.

To enable the diagnostic setting after VMSS creation we can do as follows.

To access the VMSS serial console follow below steps