Kubernetes Sri Lanka – February 2019

Kubernetes is a containers orchestration platform used to manage and automate thousands of containers running on micro services architecture.

Kubernetes Sri Lanka is a community dedicated to share knowledge about Kubernetes and technologies bind with it.

In Kubernetes Sri Lanka February Meetup we have exciting topic to share among the K8s community. Following are the sessions we have lined up for this months meetup.

  • Getting started with MicroK8s – Milindu Sanoj, Senior Software Engineer, SyscoLabs
  • Deep dive into Nginx Ingress – Binura Gunesekara, Devops Engineer, Platformer Cloud
  • Monitoring Kuberntes with Prometheus – Kasun Rajapakse, Consultant, Thakral One
  • Sealed Secrets in Kubernetes – Nilesh Jayanandana, Software Architect at Platformer Cloud

Monitoring Kuberntes with Prometheus, is the topic I’ll be talking for this meetup. To explain Prometheus, I thought of using AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service)

To join us RSVP to link.