Use managed disks to protect between Azure regions in Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery now provide an ability to create a disaster recovery for Azure IaaS VMs. Previously for ASR for Azure workload only support using storage account when failover. By using manage disk we can have several advantages including simplicity of managing storage layer.

Protecting virtual machines on managed disks, ASR creates a replicated managed disk in the region corresponding to each managed disk of production VM in the primary data center region. This replica disk use as the data store for the source disk in the primary region, by this its eliminating the need to create and manage multiple storage accounts in the target region to store data for your protected machines.

Following is the way we can enable this feature.

  • We can enable protection for the Virtual machine through the virtual machine creation experience or from recovery services vault experience.If your using VM creation experience to enable this make sure that the ASR vault is created before enable it.
  • You can also choose to specify the type of replica managed disk as standard or premium.