Enable Azure Backup into VM create experience

Few months back Backup team support for backing up virtual machines from VM management blade.

Yesterday Microsoft Backup team has announced the enable backup from the VM creation experience. By this feature you can enable backup to an existing vault or new vault when VM creation process.

Lets see how we can enable this feature.

We can setup the Backup using 1-click in the “Setting and Configure Optional Features” blade as follows.

On the same window we can specify the backup policy or use an existing policy that created in relevant backup vault

After backup enable you can see it as a backup item in the vault as follows.

After that we have to create a initial backup.

Core benefits of Azure VM backup

Azure VM backup provides following benefits using cloud-first approach to backup:

  •  No need to deploy any additional infrastructure to backup VMs.
  •  Customers get application consistent backup for both Windows and Linux without the need to shutdown the virtual machine.
  • Instant-file recovery, you can browse files and folders inside the VM, and recover only required files without the need to restore entire virtual machine.