Use More than 1TB disk for VMs

Recently Azure storage and Compute team announce the support for more than 1TB for the Managed & Unmanaged disks.This is one of the features that all of us are waiting for a long time. Now we can go for maximum of 4095GB (4TB) for a single disk. So lets see how we can do this.


  • This is still not available in the Azure portal.
  • We have to use PowerShell to create disks.
  • After creating disk you will see the IOPS for the disk in portal it shows 500, it’s not correct.

First as I mentioned we have to do this through PowerShell, first login to Azure using PowerShell.


Next I create a VM in the resource group to test this.

We can get Azure disks using following command

Get-AzureRmDisk -ResourceGroupName largedisk 

Next We create the disk as follows

#create 2TB Managed disk 
$diskconfig = New-AzureRmDiskConfig -AccountType StandardLRS -CreateOption Empty -DiskSizeGB 2048 -Location southeastasia -OsType Windows -Verbose

New-AzureRmDisk -ResourceGroupName largedisk -DiskName datadisk2048 -Disk $diskconfig -Verbose

Now lets see this in the Azure Portal

Next step is to attach the disk to the VM, we can do this through the Azure Portal and PowerShell in this I’ll demo it from portal.

To verify this lets login to the Azure VM and check the disk is shown in the disk management.

For more details and pricing refer the blog post.