Azure Monitor Notifications

Azure Activity Log Alerts are azure resource, you can receive alerts about operations that were performed on resources in your subscription or resource group.Even far we can know about service health events that may impact the health of your resources.

We can configure alert based on following:

  • Event Category (for service health events click here)
  • Resource Group
  • Resource
  • Resource Type
  • Operation name
  • The level of the notifications (Verbose, Informational, Warning, Error, Critical)
  • Event initiated by

Create an Alert based on the action performed 

Lets assume you want to notify if an engineer who managed Azure subscription deallocate production VM.

First navigate to monitoring service as follows

Next in monitor blade click activity log

Then in the activity log blade you can filter the resource you wish to notify for any action

Then it shows the operation performed on specified Timespan

As I mentioned above now I’ll create alert if the DC VM deallocated

Select the operation type then you will see a summary of the operation below. If you wish to see more details you can view it in the JSON view.

To create activity log alert click  “+ Add activity log alert” then it opens an activity blade as below.

If the alert fired then you will get a email as follows