Managed Disks for Azure VMs

Azure Managed Disk is the way we can create the VM disks without using a storage account. In previous scenarios if we want to create a disk and attached to VM first we should have a storage account to store those disk files. Managed Disk is a PasS like offering that we don’t have to consider no more about maintaining a storage account. Azure will take care of storing it in storage account. In this we need to specify is this disk is a SSD or General.

Lets see how we can do it through portal

First we create a VM

In above you will notice in storage I mark as “YES”  to use managed disk.After selecting its same as the traditional method of creating a VM.

After create a VM you will notice you can’t find a storage account. If we deploy VM without using managed disk it stored the VM VHDs in a storage account, but for managed disk Azure fabric will take care of managing the storage account.

In above Image you will notice the new TYPE called disks.

Next see how we add an additional disks to a VM

Search for Disks in Azure search, click add then you will see a UI as below

Click create to create an additional disk

Now lets attached the created Disk to a VM. In the VM settings navigate to disks and click Add

In Data disks we can add a new disk from the available disks

Next verify the disk attached to VM. Login to the VM and open disk management then you will prompt to Initialize disk wizard.

After Initialize we can see it in the disks as bellow