Restore-as-a-Service (RaaS) Azure Backup

Last Week Azure announced the new capability of the Azure Backup which we can mount the backup as a device to the protected machine.

Following are some of the benefits from this

  • One restore mechanism for all backup sources
  • Instant recovery of files
  • Open and review files in the recovery volumes before restoring them
  • Recover any combination of files to any target

Before we go through this following are the prerequisite

  1. Azure Subscription
  2. Recovery Service Vault
  3. Latest Azure Backup Agent

First we have to create a Azure Recovery Service Vault to store the backup and download the vault registration key, vault registration key can be found on the vault properties.

Next install the Azure Backup Agent and register the protected  machine with the vault

Next create a backup schedule for the files and drives which wish to backup to azure

Above are the high level guide how to backup files and folder follow this docs for in depth guide.

Make sure installed the latest agent version as below

So as you see below I already create a backup successfully

Next recover the backed up data

Select the server

Select the recovery method

Select the recovery date and click Mount

Now Azure backup agent will mount the backup to the host as a drive

After mount we can copy the data to another drive as per our need.