Enroll Android Device to Intune

When we come to device management we can’t left off Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Intune. Intune is a Microsoft offering for the mobile device management. By using Intune we can manage Android, Apple, Windows Phone & desktops. from this post I will show how to enroll an Android device to Intune.

Before enroll the device to Intune we need to create a policy to manage android devices.

Create Policy for Android devices

Select the relevant platform and create the policy

Configure relevant configuration as for the company policy

After configuration you will see the policy as below

Now we have deploy this policy to a group created in Intune. I created a group as below and add a user to it.

Now we can deploy the policy to that group

Deploy to the group

Now lets enroll the device to Intune. For enroll we need to install company portal from the play store and sign in to it using Office 365 user login.

Click Begin

In above it mentioned what IT can see and manage by enrolling the device.

Enrolling device

Enroll completed

After enrolling completed you can see the Apps your company allowed to install

We can verify the enrollment by looking in to Azure AD and Intune portal.

Intune portal we can see as bellow

Now lets verify the policy was applied to the device. I configure the policy (as above steps) not to allow camera app for the user, so when I try to open the camera app it gives a message as follows.