Deploy N Series VM

The N-series VMs is a family of Azure VM with GPU capabilities. We can use this for compute and graphic intensive workloads such as  high-end remote visualization, deep learning and predictive analytics.N-series will feature the NVIDIA Tesla accelerated platform as well as NVIDIA GRID 2.0 technology, providing the highest-end graphics support available in the cloud today.

Note:- N Series VM available only in EAST US and SOUTH CENTRAL US regions


It’s the same way we create a VM in Azure portal. to know how to deploy VM in Azure refer this link

When we creating the VM we have to consider following selections.

N-Series VM not available in every region so we have to select the available region for this, for this I used South Central US region.


Next you have to consider which SKU suitable for your scenario. I selected NC6 Standard.


When you login to VM and launch the device manager and display adapters you wont see the NVIDIA Tesla GPU. First thing you have to do is install the drivers for the GPU. After install the drivers give a restart the VM and launch the device manager GPU will appear as below.


If your testing this make sure you delete the VM after test otherwise it will cost you a lot 😉