We can use Azure Intune App Protection to manageĀ mobile application without enrolling them to Intune. In this way users doesn’t want to enroll the device using company portal as used in Intune Mobile device management. Instead of that we can create a policy in Intune App Protection and assign itRead More →

What is Container ? Containers are isolated,resource controlled, and portable operating environment. By using the containers we can run the applications without affecting to rest of the system application.Its looks same as the fresh installation of a server. Windows Container Types Windows Server Containers This provides application isolation through processRead More →

The N-series VMs is a family of Azure VM with GPU capabilities. We can use this for compute and graphic intensive workloads such asĀ  high-end remote visualization, deep learning and predictive analytics.N-series will feature the NVIDIA Tesla accelerated platform as well as NVIDIA GRID 2.0 technology, providing the highest-end graphicsRead More →