Nano Server Image Builder -How it Work

Nano Server Image builder help us to create a Nano Server using GUI interface. The advantage of using this  we can customize our settings using a GUI interface, before this tool comes we have to use PowerShell for creating a Nano Server Image. By using this tool we can create a VHD file or a bootable USB media. We can download this tool from Microsoft download center.

Before We Start.

Create Nano Server Image


To create Image tool needs Nano Server bits from the Windows server 2016 media, so I mount an image to the Windows Server 2016 VM and point the drive path.


Select the Image output file path, size of the Nano Server & the log file location


Select the packages wish to include, for this demo I select Containers & Hyper-V.


If you wish to add any additional drivers we can add from here.


Specify the computer name, password & time zone.

Notes:- If you wish to join this to domain using djoin leave the computer name empty.


Specify the domain name or blob path to join the domain, If you wish to add it later untick Join Domain.


Setup the network configuration


Select Create basic Nano Server Image.


Verify the configuration


Creating  Nano Server.


We can use the Powershell command show in the window for any automated deployments



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