Monitor Nano Server in System Center Operation Manager 2016

In release of Windows Server 2016 it includes the new headless server deployment “Nano Server”. Nano Server is a stripped-down version of Windows Server. When we comes to System Center 2016 Operation Manager we can monitor Nano Server through SCOM 2016.

In SCOM 2016 it ships with the Nano Server agent need to install.We can find the agent in following location.


Now lets see how we can deploy the agent to Nano server. Before install the agent I join the Nano server to the domain.

Administration ->Agent Manage->Discovery Wizard


Chose the type of computer or device.


Next select Advanced Discovery.


Next Browse the AD and find the Nano Server wish to monitor


After installing the agent you will see it in the SCOM console as follows


Lets see the server details in SCOM console


Next we will verify the health service agent was installed in to server, first lets log in to the server using PowerShell Remoting.


After login verify the health service agent is running.