Enable Azure Site Recovery Replication on SUSE Linux Enterprise

We can enable ASR Replication for the Linux VM by two ways.

  • Install agent through Azure Recovery Service Vault.
  • Install agent manually into Linux servers.

For some odd reason when I try to install the agent through the Azure portal it throws error I don’t have enough permission to install it. I created an account with root access in the management server. So I thought to try it by installing the agent manually.

Where can I find the agent ?

We can find the agent in management server in following location (Drive letter may change depend on the location of the installation of ASR ). You can find the agents for supported OS.

E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Azure Site Recovery\home\svsystems\pushinstallsvc\repository


Copy the .gz file and copy it to the Linux VM that enabling the replication. Then extract it using following command

tar -xvzf <File Name>

Next copy the passphrase to the same location agent copied.We can find the passphrase in following location.

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft Azure Site Recovery\private\connection.passphrase

Change the file name with the file extension *.txt (passphrase.txt).

Now lets run the setup

sudo ./install -t both -a host -R Agent -d /usr/local/ASR -i <IP address> -p <port> -s y -c https -P passphrase.txt



After install complete give 10-15 min to discover the management server to discover it. Then try to install it in the portal as follows & it works perfectly.

First Discover the VM from vCenter.


Select the agent installation account.


Enable the replication.


Enable the Replication.