How to Find Passphrase in ASR (Azure Site Recovery)

What happens if you forgot to save the passphrase that given by Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Unified Setup. I have to face this problem when I configure the ASR for customer I accidentally close the prompt shows the passphrass. We need to enter this passphrass, when we install the ASR agent to protected VM or Physical servers.

So this is the way you can find it

first go the following location (change the drive letter as your environment )

E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Azure Site Recovery\agent

Open CMD in above location and run genpassphrase.exe


When you run this it prompt the passphrase location

Navigate to that location as below and you will find a file  connection.passphrase, open that file using notepad, then it will show you the passphrase.



I must thanks my friend Muditha Chathuranga for helping this matter.