This is the part 2 of the Azure Automation DSC blog series. Last post I gave a brief introduction to what is Azure Automation and methods how we can achieve DSC. This post I’ll walk-through how to onboarding a Windows Server Node (Azure VM ) to Azure Automation DSC. BeforeRead More →

VNet peering is a way we can connect two virtual networks in the same region  through azure network backbone. When we connect the VNets it works as one network but manage as two different resources. When we do the peering VMs in both network can communicate each other. Advantage ofRead More →

In this series of posts I will discuss the Azure Automation service, which enables to manage configuration of the Windows and Linux servers in the Azure,on-premises or any other cloud platform.Following is the line up for the series of blog posts. Introduction to Azure Automation. Onboarding a Windows Server NodeRead More →

What happens if you forgot to save the passphrase that given by Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Unified Setup. I have to face this problem when I configure the ASR for customer I accidentally close the prompt shows the passphrass. We need to enter this passphrass, when we install the ASR agent toRead More →

Few days back I was building my SCOM 2016 Lab and I got the idea of monitoring Nano Server, which was introduce with Windows Server 2016. Ok so when I search Azure marketplace I found there is a template to create a nano server.So first I deploy the Nano ServerRead More →

Today I started to deploy my Operations Manager 2016 lab. So I configure relevant components and install the management server.Then I deploy few agents to my DC & SQL server, after few minutes I clicked the Windows Computer tab in monitoring area. When I click it wired thing happens, suddenlyRead More →

Yes, Finally MSFT takes Windows Server 2016 in to GA (General Availability) today so as been GA Microsoft include Windows Server 2016 image to Azure marketplace. Whats New in Windows Server 2016 Note- Some of the following features are not supported in Azure VMs. Nano Servers Windows Server Containers andRead More →