Azure Scale Set

Azure Scale Set in the Azure Compute resource type that you can use to deploy and manage a set of identical VMs. Those all VMs configured the same, and VMSS are designed to support true auto-scale without pre provisioning VMs. Because of that we can use VMSS to build large scale services targeting big computer,big data and containerized workloads.

Following is the example of using scale set for tiered workloads


We can deploy scale  set using azure portal (New), PowerShell & ARM templates. VMSS are only available in ARM method. In this I’ll show how to do it through the Azure portal.

  • Create a scale set using azure portal (with 2 instances)
  • Create jumpbox VM to access the VMs in the scale set
  • RDP to the VM allocated to the scale set

Create Azure Scale Set 

Navigate to Azure VM Scale Set as follows. If you didn’t bookmark the service you can browse it from the service list or search for scale set.

create vmss

Click Add and give VMSS name and relevant parameters and click OK.

Configure auto scale and configure scale set properties.

configure vmss

Select the VM size for scale set & enable Auto Scale parameters.

Check the relevant parameters and configurations are valid


Accept the terms and purchase the service.


Create  Jumpbox VM to access the VMSS 

In this step create windows server VM and add it to the same network in VMSS or different subnet in the virtual network.

Following is the screenshot of the running VMSS.


Now I log in to my jumpbox server and access the VMSS instances

Started Azure jumpbox VM


RDP to jumpbox


Now from jumpbox VM I going to RDP to the VMSS instence, before that we have to get the internal IP address of those instances.

instence ip

OK folks now we got the internal IP for the instences so lets RDP to those VM using those IP.

RDP to the instence

As you see bellow its the VM that created by scale set

instence name

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