Azure CDN with Akamai

What is Azure CDN ?

Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) caches static web content at strategically placed locations to provide maximum throughput for delivering content to users. By using this it offers developers a global solution for delivering high-bandwidth content by caching the content at physical nodes across the world.

Following are the key benefits can leverage from CDN

  • Better performance and user experience for end users, especially when using applications where multiple round-trips are required to load content.
  • Large scaling to better handle instantaneous high load, like at the start of a product launch event.
  • By distributing user requests and serving content from edge servers, less traffic is sent to the origin.

How it Works


How to Create a CDN Profile

In this demo I used a azure storage blob file to access it using CDN from different region of the world. Storage account I using created at Southeast Asia region and I ll show you how to access it through different region.

Upload content to azure storage blob

Added some file to the blob storage in Southeast Asia region.In this demo iI used Azure Storage Explore to upload the files to azure blob storage you can try this tool from here.Make the access policy for the container to Container.

azure storage explore

In portal it shows as follows


Next create a CDN Profile.


Add endpoints to the CDN profile

add endpoint

Name – Use a unique name for CDN endpoint we can map a custom domain to this endpoint later.

Origin Type  – The source of the content to be cached in CDN edge locations. We can select Storage, Cloud Service, Web Apps & Custom





Origin Host name – Enter the URL of the content location

Origin Path – Specify the folder of the content placed

So now when I used the CDN URL and access the file.


For more information refer the following

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