OMS View Designer

End of June OMS team release a new cool feature to OMS portal. I personally like it so much and waited feature. In this view designer we can create custom solution tile and views for that tile. Lets get started and see how we can do it.

  1. First we should enable this feature in preview feature in settings.Click the settings icon in OMS workspace.
    Enable the preview feature
  2. After enabling this, in OMS overview you will see a tile view designer tile
    or click the plus sign
  3. For this blog I’ll create a new tile.In the design view you will see the graphical representation for the tile Example Number,Line Chart.
    add tile
  4. So I added a tile to show all security events.
    after configure query

    When you click the tile you will display a blade in right side for configure the tile it depend on which tile view you chose to display.
    tile settings

    In this tile view we can use a query to display relevant detail. I have used following query.

    Type=SecurityEvent | Select TimeGenerated,Account,Activity,Computer
  5. Now lets see how we create different views for the tile.Add the view as you like to show.
  6. After adding the view we should configure it as per our preference using queries and other settings in view settings blade.

    two timelinestwo timelines settingsNumber listNumber list settings

Finally I’ll show you some tile and relevant views I created in my workspace .

update event tileupdate event view

You can find more details on this by browsing following links.

OMS View Designer: Visualize your data your way