Install Docker for Windows

Few months ago docker release the beta version for Windows and Mac. In this beta version we didn’t configure the docker VM using virtual box when we installing the docker msi file it automatically crate a Hyper-V Linux VM as a docker server.

For last few months it’s in the beta release and yesterday docker officially announced that  docker for Windows & Mac are generally available and stable for production use.

You can download the msi from here.  I installed it and when you finished it you will see a  whale icon on task bar.


If you open Hyper-V (Windows) and you will notice a VM was created as follows


you can configure the VM settings by accessing the setting using the whale icon in task bar.

to verify the docker is working I created a test container

docker run -it ubuntu /bin/bash


You can verify the docker version and information

#Information about docker host (VM)
docker info

#Get docker version 
docker version

For more info about the GA of docker use following link

Docker For Mac And Windows Is Now Generally Available And Ready For Production

Docker documentation 

Getting Started with Docker for Windows

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