RAID 1 (Disk Mirroring)


RAID 1 (Disk Mirroring) is a fault tolerance configuration. In this RAID data is coped simultaneously from one disk to another disk creating a replica of the disk. The advantage of this is if one disk fries we can use other drive and keep the system work. the main disadvantage of this is it create slight drag of performance.We can implement this by software RAID and hardware RAID.Minimum two disks required with software RAID we can use two use two volumes in single disk to mirror. This cuts the capacity by half .

Lets see how to create RAID 1 (Disk Mirroring)

NOTE :- Don’t try this in any production environment.Best way to try this by using virtual machine you can use Hyper-V if you use windows 8/8.1 

Make sure the mirrored disk are dynamic not basic, basic not support for mirrored

Step 1

Open Disk Management Win + R --> diskmgmt.msc
Open Disk Management
Win + R –> diskmgmt.msc

First we should open the disk management we can open disk management by administration tools or by run  as shown above

Step 2mirror step 1


Make sure mirrored disk are dynamic right-click on un allocated disk space and select mirrored volume

Step 3

mirror Step 2


Select the disk you want to mirror and add it to selected list from available list

Step 4

mirror step 3

Select the amount of space you want to mirrored click next

Step 5

mirror Step 4

Assign a drive letter to your new volume click next

Step 6

mirror Step 5

Select the file format and volume label and tick the quick format option  click next

Step 7

mirror Step 6


Prompt a wizard showing the summary of the volume click next now  the volume was creating in your disk

Step 8

mirror Step 7Verify new volume was showing the disk management as you see above there are two volumes in separate disks  but in my computer you can see only one volume called mirror

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