An Overview of HTML5 & CSS3

HTML5 & CSS3 are two new standards proposed by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the working groups.It is the next generation of the web technology and they help to develop better modern web applications now lets look at some benefits in HTML5 & CSS3

    1. A platform of Web Development


In HTML5 we can find a lot of new features from more descriptive tags and better cross site and cross window communication,animation and improved multimedia support those who use HTML5 for development have lots of new tools to build better user experience

More Descriptive Markup

In every previous versions of HTML they introduce new tags and attributes but in HTML5 they came with new attributes and tags that are more describing content as an example section aside article nav tags for more details visit HTML5 (W3C) & CSS3 (W3C)


Multimedia with Less Reliance on Plug-Ins

To display videos and to play audio early we used flash or Silverlight in HTML5 we don’t need them anymore.Although flash players are simple but in Apple divices they did not support flash in modern world its a huge drawback therefore we have to use alternative, for that in HTML5 we can use video audio tags for those purpose.


Better Application

Developers have tried all kinds of things to make richer, more interactive
applications on the We b, from ActiveX controls to Flash. HTML5
offers amazing features that, in some cases, completely eliminate the
need for third-party technologies.


Web Sockets

HTML5 supports for web sockets by using this you can get persistent
connection to a server.


Client-Side Storage

In the past we tend to think HTML5 as a web technology but with the addition of the Web Storage and web SQL database APIs we can build applications in the browser that can persist data entirely on the client’s machine


Better Interface

User interface is a most important part in the web application in the past to apply style to table or round corners we have to use JavaScript but introducing new markups to CSS3 we don’t have to worry about scripting we can apply them using CSS


Better Web Forms

In HTML5 provides more extended user interface controls for web forms in the past we used JavaScript and CSS to create datepickers sliders etc, but new implementation that would be more easy to accomplish they introduce more input types examples email url tel search range to forms to achieve what you looking as a benefit screen readers and other browsers can implement these controls in specific ways so that they work easily for the disabled


Advance Selectors

In CSS3 they introduce some advance selectors such as in a table to identify the odd and even rows, all selected check box,identify last paragraph in a group



  • Backwards Compatibility


Right now, even in Internet Explorer 6, you can start using HTML5 and slowly transition your markup

So this is the end of the post hope you learn something new from it

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Kasun Rajapakse